Automate Your Last Mile Deliveries with the Best Logistic Delivery System

Clickoot offers the best logistic delivery management software that empowers logistic companies of all sizes to supercharge their growth by optimizing orders and delivery management, minimizing errors, cutting costs, and enhancing customer experience. Clickoot is fully customized to match the requirements of your business and help you in the way you need the most.

Logistic Delivery Picker App

Whether your picker is an employee or a third-party provider, Clickoot has an advanced application that alerts your picker when the vendor requests a delivery. The picker will have access to the vendor’s address and other information to help him avoid delays and errors. Once the picker arrives at the vendor’s location, our logistic delivery management software will enable him to use his device as a QR scanner and track individual orders via their QR codes. The app is not only easy to use, but it is also compatible with the vast majority of operating systems.

Logistic Delivery Rider Application

When it comes to establishing long-term customer relationships and converting them into brand advocates, customer experience is crucial. The Clickoot rider app bridges the gap between your brand and a satisfied customer. In addition, our logistic delivery system provides an excellent user experience, customization, and order management. By implementing a customer-centric approach to delivery management, Clickoot will assist you in becoming the industry leader.

Logistic Delivery Management Software Vendor Dashboard

Clickoot is a complete solution for any issue that may arise during logistics. Clickoot connects vendors, merchandisers, and retailers with logistics companies. Our simple vendor dashboard integrates easily with the vendor’s order management system. The orders will appear in the dashboard, and the vendor can assign the order delivery to the logistics company using the dashboard as a logistic dispatch software. In addition, the dashboard generates unique QR codes as the first layer of tracking and error elimination. As a result, vendors can provide the flexibility, comfort, and quality assurance they desire through their deliveries.

Logistic Delivery Management Software Admin Dashboard

All orders and parcels are managed on a single platform. The admin dashboard serves as the backbone of your online logistic delivery system. It allows logistics owners to add or edit vendors, pickers, and riders and monitor live updates. Also, it tracks the process in real-time and stays up to date on business statistics with reports and insights. Finally, the Admin Dashboard is the command center from which the company’s executive leadership can easily take control of the entire process and make changes with a few clicks.

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