How can a table ordering system help your restaurant?

Look no further than the table ordering system if you want to increase consumer engagement and improve the visitor experience. Technology has transformed the restaurant sector over the last decade, changing many essential activities. One of these minor changes that can influence your organization is the restaurant table ordering system.

Grab a cup of coffee and spend the next few minutes learning about the benefits of a table-ordering system for your restaurant.

What is Table Ordering System?

There are two interpretations of the table ordering system.

  • The first step is to put a tablet solution on each table. The tablet uses by guests to place orders, reorder refreshments, play games, and pay their bills. You may have spotted these technologies at a few large restaurants.
  • The second option is to provide tablets to your waitpersons for table ordering and payment systems. You are using technology to empower your employees rather than your customer. Call us old-fashioned (or vintage), but meeting for food is still about face-to-face interaction with the individuals at your table — not technology.

Also, equipping every table in your restaurant with a tablet might be expensive. Purchasing a few tablets for a few hosts is a more cost-effective option, and your bottom line will thank you.

Benefits of Table Ordering System

Finding solutions to reduce dining times is a primary goal for restaurant managers in a fast-paced atmosphere like a restaurant. The Restaurant table ordering system is one of the advancements in restaurant automation that is transforming the dining experience. Table ordering systems benefit restaurant owners and staff in various ways, so investing in this technology makes sense.

Increase service speed and turn tables more quickly

Reducing dining time allows the business to get more customers in and out. The faster your crew can change tables, the more clients they can serve and the more money your restaurant will make.

Consider how helpful it would be if servers could greet a table and collect their drink order. A single interaction can cut two to five minutes off the dinner time at that table. Imagine if servers could use a table POS to repeat these face-to-face encounters with consumers throughout their stay. Consider how much time staff will save by not having to walk back and forth to a stable ordering system.

Improve Order Accuracy

With a table ordering system, not only speeds up service but also accuracy. Placing an order on a tablet in actuality reduces the likelihood of server errors. It is especially true if staff fail to write down specific requests or a fraction of them. As a result, they may not recall the entire ticket by the time they reach the stationary POS machine to enter it.

It influences the client experience and impacts food costs and waste if not identified before it gets to the kitchen.

We make mistakes. So as servers are not without flaws. It’s the way the business is. So why not try to reduce risk and be proactive by implementing a wireless table ordering system?

Enhance the Customer Experience

The visitor experience can make or break an eatery, so providing nothing less than exceptional service is critical. Also, servers can spend more time with clients if they can order and pay on mobile devices, ensuring a higher level of service & satisfaction.


Many restaurant clients are concerned about credit card fraud. Unfortunately, restaurants are especially vulnerable to fraud. Diners pass over their credit cards without hesitation and rarely see where their money goes once it is handed over.

But table ordering devices eliminate this worry because a customer’s credit card would never leave their view or the safety of their hands.

As the restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to guarantee that the table POS system adheres to the most recent PCI security regulations. Everyone wants to feel protected using payment gadgets, so you must buy secure point-of-sale equipment.

Reduce receipt printer and paper usage

Customers who pay with cash or credit card will not see a paper receipt. Most receipts are discarded as the payment procedure is completed unless they are expensing a business dinner.

table ordering system can reduce paper waste while pocketing the extra cash. Every day, restaurants run through many rolls of receipt paper. The figure may be higher if the restaurant is busy. Not only is this inefficient, but paper rolls may be quite expensive.

Better Waiters Tips

Most customers understand how much they can tip, but not all are mathematicians. Customers can see the tip amount and the cash value with a table payment device. In addition, customers are more inclined to leave better tips when shown examples of what guests leave based on the service they receive.

Gather More Information

Last but not least, don’t overlook data. Big data or tiny data both have meaning and value for your organization.

Using table ordering systems lets you better understand your customers’ purchase habits. POS information, such as which menu items clients buy the most and how they dine at your location, help you learn how your customers think. The data can improve your loyalty program and generate more targeted marketing materials to increase sales.

Find the Best Table Ordering System

Not all restaurant ordering solutions are created equal, and not all point-of-sale systems include this feature. Before you go into new mobile technology, here are a few things to consider.

·      Your Point-of-Sale Software

First, determine whether table ordering is an option if you have a POS system. Then, if you choose, you can skip through to the following section on usability.

If it is not an option, you must make a decision. For example, do you change POS suppliers and upgrade to one with a table system, or do you stick with the current quo?

·      Ease of Use

If you upgrade your POS system, ensure the table feature is user-friendly. It’s probably not worth the cost if personnel have to jump through hoops and tap the screen to reorder a drink or receive a payment.

The majority of table devices offer a mobile interface that is identical to the stationary POS system. These parallels will make it simpler for staff to adjust to the new equipment.

·      Consumer Tablets vs Custom-Made Devices

While iPads and Android tablets are visually appealing, looks aren’t everything in the restaurant industry. We’re not sure about you, but we’d rather sacrifice little good looks for commercial-grade equipment.

·      Wi-Fi and 4G

Tablet POS devices will need a strong wireless network throughout the restaurant. Don’t put your entire ordering system in the hands of a consumer-grade router.

Work with a reputable IT reseller that can conduct site assessments to identify wireless dead zones in your facility and install secure access points. Bonus points if the table solution can also connect to a 4G cellular network.

The Wrap Up

Clickoot will assist your business in innovating your service and dining experience. The restaurant table ordering system helps you increase staff efficiency and table turnover. And because customers have a greater say, the average order value and revenue are bound to rise. We provide back-end access to a pre-designed yet custom website and Android and iOS mobile apps for your restaurant.

Clickoot can help you find e-commercelogisticsfood, and retail delivery systems. With this experience, your brand can provide the best possible service to your customers.

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