Food Ordering & Delivery App | The Essential Features

Food ordering & delivery apps are the new people’s favorite, and that’s the conclusion. Food delivery apps provide convenience to people who don’t want to cook, making them more popular than other applications. But what else should you know before developing your food ordering & delivery app? This article will give you a brief overview of the necessary features of the food ordering & delivery app.

Features of Food Ordering & Delivery App that Every Restaurant Mobile App Must Have

The first thing to consider about mobile food delivery apps is that the platform needs three different apps. These are as follows:

  • The Customer Food Ordering & Delivery App
  • The Admin Panel
  • The Delivery Person App

Let’s talk about how each type of food delivery app is used and what features you should include making them excellent.

The Customer Food Ordering & Delivery App

The customer app is the one that the consumer will use. It allows customers to access online food ordering platforms, search for the right food to order, place orders, and pay.

You may include many elements in the app to make it more user-friendly and exciting. Here is a list of some features your customer app needs.

1. Registration and Profile Creation

The feature will allow users to enter essential information into the app and configure it. Ensures they have entered the relevant information and all their personal information is secure.

2. Search for And Locate Food

The best way to make this feature work is to have a sensible list of all the foods organized by location, type of food, preferences, various state cuisine, and so on.

3. Restaurant Profile Check

The feature allows them to learn about the restaurant, its location, the kind of cuisine it serves, and its cost. Make sure to include this feature in your food-ordering mobile app.

4. Add to Cart

Users can use the Cart option to add things to the Cart and then place their order all at once.

5. Schedule Orders

It will allow the user to order food ahead of time or whenever they want it delivered to them.

6. Delivery Person Contact Information

After placing an order and receiving payment, you can offer the consumer the delivery person’s contact information. It will make it easy for customers to find out where they are and how long it will take them to deliver.

7. Simple Payment Method

Include many payment options to ease payment. For example, online payment or cash on delivery are both options. If customers opt to pay online, their payment information is safe and secure. Any breach of this security can cause significant harm to your reputation.

8. Order History

The order history feature will allow the customer to view previous orders. It’s useful for people who always place the same orders.

9. Real-Time Food Tracking

After the order is placed, the users must wait, but there is no reason to make the wait painful. Instead, allow them to track the status of their order in real time.

With this function, the user may track the status of their order. In this manner, they may be sure that their order will be delivered. It will also make them less irritated as they wait.

10. Rating and Reviews

The rate and review tool will be the cherry on top of your food delivery app. Customers can use this to rank and review the food. It is a tried-and-true method for them to inform other users about the quality, whether they should order from it or not.

* More Features for Customer Food Ordering & Delivery App

  1. Promotions, Coupons, and Much More
  2. Push Notifications

The Admin Panel

The admin panel is the brain of your food delivery system. It is a web-based tool for restaurant owners and service providers. The admin app uses for collecting orders, managing them, and so on, and it requires running your service. Here is a list of the features needed to run the primary app of your food delivery service.

1. Registration & Profile Management

The feature is needed if you run an aggregator model that displays various restaurants for users to order from. Many restaurants can use your service by registering with their information.

2. Order Assigning

The restaurant may give orders to the various delivery employees using the admin interface.

3. Dashboard

The dashboard assists you in managing your restaurant.

4. Content Management

If you’re developing a food delivery customer app, ensure the content on your admin panel is optimized. Using this feature, restaurant owners should be able to modify general information. They should also be able to upload pictures and change their menus.

5. Order Management

When the profile is created, it is time to manage the orders. Restaurants can manage & update the status of orders and notify users when their orders will be delivered. Besides that, the order history is another aspect of this functionality that restaurants will appreciate.

* More Features in Admin Panel

  1. Accounts and Management
  2. Sending Out Push Notifications
  3. Loyalty Campaign, Offers & Deals
  4. The Analytics

The Food Delivery App

It’s the third component of the food ordering application that the delivery person will use. The app requires a few of the most crucial elements of a food delivery service. And they are-

1. Re-Registering and Editing the Profile

With this feature, the delivery staff can be confirmed by the restaurant. It goes a long way toward protecting the restaurant and its internet consumers against fraud or other criminal purposes.

2. Order Management

The delivery persons can use this feature to see if they have any order requests and to accept or reject new ones.

3. GPS Tracking & Navigation

Navigation & GPS tracking are critical because they allow delivery employees to locate the delivery location.

4. Status Report

With this function, the delivery person can change the delivery status. When they change the status of an order, the customer receives a push notification. It’s an excellent method of communicating with customers and engaging them with the app.

5. Wallet Function

The wallet feature will aid in managing commissions received by online workers from the app or the restaurant. They can check their wallet to find out how much money is remaining and withdraw funds whenever they wish.

6. Delivery History

The feature allows the delivery person to see a history of all past deliveries and payment details. They can use this tool to keep track of their delivery and how much they were paid for each one.

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