Delivery app

Clickoot designs prominently efficient customized rider application solution to set really high example in terms of speed and convenience. Providing the ultimate solution to manage the whole delivery process and rider for your restaurant. Also riders can get all information about orders and restaurant.

Order Alert

Whenever a new order is placed driver gets notified about it with all the details like type of order, customer details and payment status etc. on the rider management app. So the rider can approve or decline the delivery of the particular order and if one of the rider accept it, the app automatically deletes the notification from the remaining rider’s dashboard.

In- progress order management

Once the number of orders are accepted by the riders for the delivery, the orders move to in-progress order tab automatically. The driver can see total number of orders and their details in this tab. The rider can also verify if the food is delivered at right destination. In case of getting in any kind of trouble with traffic, injurry, bike problems etc rider can cancel the accepted order.

Best Easy navigation

Clickoot rider app development solution eliminates the hassle of finding order address on maps. We directly link the rider to the destination point it make google map navigation experience much more easy and simpler for them.

Rider adding options

The company can easily add up the new comers to the rider app. Aslo rider can eaily register themselves by choosing the time slot of their own choice. Also this our rider app development solution intelligently manage the working hours and cost for each rider.

Food order History

Our rider app has a separate section for orders which are delivered successfully. It entitle the owner to find out the right and accurate data of their sales. It provides an clear insights of revenue so you can better understand what’s keep in stock during peak time of your business.

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