The Best Delivery Management Solution for IOS or Android

Clickoot creates the best rider app management system that sets the high speed and convenience standards—providing the best solution for managing your restaurant’s whole delivery procedure and delivery boy. Riders can also obtain complete order and restaurant information.

Order Notification

On the best delivery app, whenever you get a new order, the driver is provided with all the details like the customer details, payment status, etc. So, the delivery boy can approve or deny the delivery of the specific order, and if one of the riders accepts it, the app deletes the message from the dashboard of the remaining rider.

Ongoing Order Management

When a certain number of orders accepts for delivery by the riders, the orders automatically move to the in-progress order tab. The driver can see the overall number of orders and their details in this tab. The rider can also confirm that the meal delivers to the correct location. The rider can cancel the approved order if a traffic accident, injury, or bike malfunction occurs.

Easy Navigation for the Best Rider App

The Clickoot best rider app eliminates the need to search for order addresses on maps. Instead, we directly connect the rider to the target point, making Google Maps navigation easier and simpler for them.

Best Rider App Adding Options

The newcomers can be readily added to the delivery app by the company. Also, riders can easily register themselves by selecting a time slot of their choice. In addition, our rider management solution effectively manages each rider’s working hours and costs.

Order History

The best rider app has a distinct section for successfully delivering orders. It entitles the owner to obtain correct and up-to-date sales data. In addition, it provides precise revenue data so you may better understand what you maintain in stock during peak times in your organization.

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