About Us

Everyone suffered during Covid-19. While consumers suffered from the economic downturn, most businesses saw a drop in revenue. As a result, many companies began digitalizing their revenue models to meet the demands by developing their digital presence or signing up on third-party platforms to receive more sales and deliveries. Unfortunately, many small-scale local eateries, retailers, grocery stores, logistics, and eCommerce businesses that don’t innovate fail in the sea of competition. That’s where Clickoot comes into action. We have developed a range of bespoke order and delivery management systems for various types of businesses.

Our Mission

Clickoot's DNA builds for speed and direct connectivity. We want to improve the online retail ecosystem through fast, cost-effective technology promoting digital growth.

Our Vision

Clickoot is a prominent industry leader in quick-commerce technology. We enable restaurants, supermarkets, and logistic brands to scale through cost-effective and time-optimized direct order fulfillment.

Why Clickoot's Order and Delivery Management Systems?

Clickoot is an intelligent order and delivery management system comprised of five distinct modules. It includes a mobile ordering system, website ordering system, order management portal, delivery app, and restaurant app. Clickoot is an omnichannel platform that combines many processes, from order placement to order delivery, and process analytics, into a comprehensive delivery management software.

Eliminate Third-Party Order and Delivery Management Systems

Many businesses use third-party ordering apps to increase sales. Yet, these third-party solutions charge commissions for every order and need you to follow their offers and deals. You can have your customized system to handle orders and deliveries using Clickoot. We will assist you in saving money and taking control of the process. Also, Clickoot collects orders from all touchpoints and displays them in the connected CRM.

Be a Market Leader

Businesses confront intense competition and significant obstacles in today’s digital era. While many business owners focus on product development, the often-overlooked order and delivery system influences client engagement. Our geniuses at Clickoot have designed the most efficient delivery software. With updating order and delivery management software, Clickoot allows you to keep ahead of the competition. As a result, provide your consumers with the most enjoyable customer experience.

You can stay on top of things with order and delivery management insight

Our delivery platform tracks and reports all orders and deliveries, providing actionable information. It enables leaders and managers to identify problems, design solutions, and measure the results of their efforts. You will be not only able to get real-time statistics but also be able to aim for the better by identifying red signals.

Our Support Superstars Will Be There for You

We recognize that technology can be challenging at times. Thus, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you in keeping your delivery management system up and running. In addition, we are following your changing needs and making necessary adjustments to the delivery software.

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