4 Best Food Delivery Systems in 2022 and Beyond

Best Food Delivery Systems

According to a study, COVID-19 has destroyed the hospitality sector. Every one in five restaurants (19%) has “poor confidence” that their business will not survive the next three months. Many restaurants have altered their business models to provide delivery and takeaway services to remain open during the lockdown. They accomplished this by using the best food delivery systems.

These systems enable businesses to accept orders and payments from clients online using a specific app or website. With about 25 million online food delivery consumers in the United States, this technology has supplied a key income stream to suffering restaurants.

To increase online deliveries, the next step for any restaurant is to create its food delivery system. But, with so many options available, how can you be certain you’re selecting the best one for your company’s needs?

After analyzing hundreds of products, we developed an in-depth review to inform you about the best food delivery systems currently available, concentrating on crucial aspects such as budget, scalability, and integration. So, let’s start, but first, understand what to look for in a food delivery system. 

What to Look for in the Best Food Delivery Systems?

There are three approaches to implementing an online food delivery management system in your restaurant. The first method is to use your restaurant’s POS system. A POS with online ordering will take orders, route them to the kitchen, and notify front-of-house workers when a consumer or delivery person is collecting the order. Look for a POS that makes it simple to create an ordering page via an e-commerce integration, such as Shopify.

A second approach is creating your food delivery system or app with Clickoot to take online orders. The benefit of selecting this option is that it is quite simple to set up and begin accepting orders. You can have more customers, sales, a better payment gateway, and a better customer experience – all in one place. You can also maintain customer order information in a unified system, merging transaction data from in-restaurant dining with records from online ordering.

The final option is to use a delivery service such as Food Panda, Uber Eats, or Door Dash. Because these apps are designed for the restaurant sector, they can be quite simple to set up and use. Yet, be wary of high costs and compatibility concerns; third-party apps can take 10% to 30% of each sale delivered.

Consider the following factors when deciding which of these solutions is best for your restaurant:

  • Price: third-party delivery apps may charge a yearly subscription fee or a percentage of each transaction.
  • Visibility: third-party applications may be more expensive, but they provide a means to reach people who may not be aware of your restaurant.
  • Usability: Make sure that any platform you pick is easy for your personnel and does not cause a backlog of back-of-house traffic.
  • Compatibility: Will the solution you’re contemplating work with your current system?
  • Customer loyalty: While a marketplace app may boost your visibility, it does not provide you with much customer information that you can leverage in marketing to increase loyalty.
  • Customer experience: how simple is it for a guest to peruse your menu, make a choice, request changes, and pay?

An online food delivery system may be a huge investment, but it will provide revenue long after the pandemic. According to some predictions, restaurant delivery sales could increase by more than 20% per year to $365 billion globally by 2030.

With these considerations in mind, here are the top four food delivery systems in 2022.

Best Food Delivery Systems in 2022


Clickoot is tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises, although it includes the same robust capabilities as large food chains. They offer marketed, mobile-friendly, & commission-free services with completely integrated online ordering features — top-quality website designs, social media ordering, one-touch reordering, 24/7 customer support, & much more. They offer five different apps (e.g., User app, Rider App, Admin Dashboard) to manage all your orders from start to delivery. 

Clickoot is also known for its emphasis on the consumer experience. They have incredible features such as menu item images and one-touch reordering. They also develop delivery systems for e-commerce, logistics, food, and retail


GloriaFood is a good option if you need a custom web or app integration to accept orders. It adds a “MENU & Order” or “Table Reservation” widget to streamline the online ordering experience.

The best aspect is that the basic system is entirely free. Accept an unlimited number of orders for delivery without paying a commission; there are no setup fees or hidden costs. You may need to pay for “upgrades,” such as accepting credit cards.


They provide all of the basic functions of online ordering while emphasizing marketing. MenuDrive is an excellent choice for restaurants looking to establish a branded checkout on their website. Users can personalize their POS with an online ordering system by submitting MenuDrive their menu, product images, and other branding materials, which are subsequently assembled.

It not only allows you to tailor your online branding but also helps your restaurant build a loyal client base with automated email campaigns & integrated marketing services. On the other hand, is a bit more expensive: the standard plan starts at $99/month /location plus a $99 one-time setup cost. They also charge a 3.5% credit card processing fee plus 15%.


 If your own a cafe or coffee kiosk, Upserve is a good choice: its food delivery system includes options for bars, wineries, coffee shops, and bakeries. Upserve works with third-party delivery marketplaces such as Postmates, DoorDash, Caviar, and UberEats, offering you the best of both worlds: a fully-branded ordering experience and the accessibility of a third-party delivery partner.

The online food delivery management system also provides statistics, allowing you to track your restaurant’s performance and make changes to improve visitor happiness.

Upserve also provides a POS system as well as a variety of other restaurant management solutions. Plans begin at $59 per month, with an extra terminal costing $60.

How Do You Get Started with The Best Food Delivery System in 2023?

Considering that you’ve recently started your business and need to learn more about creating your food delivery system, we propose consulting Clickoot

You can schedule a free demo with a Clickoot representative who will show you the entire range of features we have in store. We take pride in assisting food startups, retail stores, marts, and other businesses to scale at a rate that blows the competition.

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