10 Features All Restaurant Ordering Website Must Have

Restaurateurs thrive in developing innovative business concepts, serving beautiful foods, and creating memorable customer experiences. And technology is a vital component of that guest experience. So, your restaurant ordering website is your company’s new front door.

As your restaurant improves its digital ordering, takeout, and delivery options, it’s more critical than ever that your website is well-optimized, allowing guests to discover your restaurant online and get what they want quickly. The basis of any restaurant marketing plan is your website.

Restaurateurs now have a unique opportunity to customize their guests’ experiences, both digitally and in-person, to establish loyalty and convert casual visitors into regulars. Your website is the platform for your guests’ initial engagement with your business, with 89% of diners searching restaurants online before visiting in person.

The most crucial component of creating the best restaurant website design is efficiently transmitting critical information while drawing new consumers.

What to Include in the Restaurant Ordering Website?

1. Evaluations

You’ve spent many hours with clients to leave reviews on many platforms. If you’ve demolished the competition, you might celebrate and post those reviews!

2. Marketing Video

People across every profession and demographic prefer watching over reading. Yet, a video may help you stand out from the crowd by giving an exciting and simple way to educate potential clients on what sets you apart from the competition and why they should select you. Simple video options include:

  • Interviewing your chef.
  • Obtaining a client testimonial.
  • Explain the history of your restaurant.
  • Conducting a walkthrough.

Video can be an expensive investment, but it will take your marketing campaign to the next level.

3. Pictures

You understand the importance of your menu, so don’t skimp on photos. When it comes to your customize restaurant website, the old cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies. In this day and technology, it is tempting to utilize your $1,000 smartphone, but an expert can not only make your food shine but also make your venue more appealing. In addition, environmental imagery appeals to the emotions of the client. As a result, professional food photography increases sales.

4. Make the location readily available.

Less is more, especially on a mobile site. Rather than requiring a user to browse elsewhere, integrating a Google Map is a no-brainer. Visitors can obtain a birds-eye view of your business, a street view, current reviews, and turn-by-turn directions. If embedding is proving difficult, submit a link to get orders in the worst-case scenario.

5. Newsletter Subscription

Email isn’t going anywhere. Similarly, email newsletters are easy to keep your existing client base informed. You can utilize it to boost sales by running promotions and publicizing new hires. You may engage with customers by providing valuable ideas and recipes. You can even increase your social following or site traffic. Make sure not to buy an email list and include a signup form on your website to collect their addresses. Once you’ve gathered a few many clients, pick a template and go to work.

6. Focus on SEO

It is the process of ranking high on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for specific keyword phrases. For example, someone might Google “Italian restaurants near me.” You must have optimized your website by including title, meta, header, and alt image tags on many pages. Before you contact an SEO provider, take the following preliminary steps:

  • Identify your niche (i.e., best restaurant).
  • Ensure that your contact info is consistent across platforms.
  • Collecting client feedback on Google Business
  • Last but not least, ensure that your information arranges so that Google knows what is what. For this final alternative, you may need to hire Clickoot.

SEO is a win-win situation if you want to keep your restaurant busy.

7. Adaptability and Mobility

With devices ranging from an Apple iPad to a Google Pixel, your website’s content must reformat on the fly, refer as responsive design. A responsive website’s ultimate purpose is to eliminate pinching and pulling. In addition, Google declared in 2015 that a mobile-friendly website rank higher in search results. In the end, you need customized website services for a better user experience that will increase your conversion rates.

8. Social Media Integration with Restaurant Ordering Website

You may question the expense and resources associated with actively publishing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but social media influences three of every five consumer purchasing choices. Put your Instagram feed on your website so visitors may feast their eyes. If someone wants to show off your menu to a friend, include a social media sharing icon. More content at a person’s fingertips can undoubtedly increase sales and interest.

9. Offer Online Promotions

Promotions help get first-time customers to the store. They range from loyalty points (Five stars) to community gatherings (Restaurant Week). If you’re having trouble with content for social media, holding a contest can inspire photographic masterpieces. Nowadays, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Maps drive direct traffic. A promotion designed to encourage reviews can kill two birds with one stone. You can maintain your restaurant top of mind by calling attention to it with a promotion.

10. Make it possible for customers to make reservations via your restaurant ordering website.

Adding a primary button for consumers, such as Open Table’s Make a Reservation, has various benefits. First & foremost, it is almost guaranteed seating. The feature elevates your restaurant’s status. Why would they continue looking for other possibilities if they can book immediately? It also shows that your restaurant is in high demand.

Develop a Restaurant Ordering Website with Clickoot

Finally, a customized website with plenty of functionality will generate curiosity, queries, and sales. Contact Clickoot if you’re looking for the right partner to guide you through the process.

Clickoot understands the requirements of each individual business. As a result, we can assist you with creating a successful food delivery app or a customized website as needed. E-commercelogisticsfood, and retail delivery systems are also available. So, let’s get into it.

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