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Incredible Online Ordering System

A robust online ordering system allows consumers to place orders directly from your website and mobile app.

Online Ordering System
Our Clients

Launch Your Online Ordering System Now

It is now easier than ever to get your company online, reach more clients, and begin selling! Clickoot allows you to obtain an online ordering system for your business, complete with pickup and delivery procedures. Customers can place their orders through your best delivery system or website. They can pay for pickup or delivery online or in-store. We offer:


Never miss an order and deliver food when it is still hot.


Digitalize your orders and deliveries and skyrocket your sales.

E- Commerce

Take your business online and open more streams of revenue.


Take orders and send deliveries from anywhere to anywhere.


Get more orders but make no more wrong deliveries with Clickoot.

Website app

That Turns Visitors Into Loyal Consumers

Get the best website app for your business and provide your clients with an easy order process and availability across devices, all while removing maintenance headaches and increasing flexibility and scalability. With Clickoot, you will get:

Online Ordering System
Online Ordering system

Mobile App

Remain Close To Your Customers

Increase your company’s ability to make your idea a reality by establishing direct communication channels with end users. We want to help you make more money by increasing your value through higher engagement and increasing sales and revenues. Our online ordering system for mobile cover:

rider app

The Rider App On-Time and Accurate Deliveries

Get the optimal path with real-time traffic, police, accident, and other alerts. Delivering using our rider app is an excellent option for other part-time, temporary, or seasonal professions. See how becoming a Clickoot rider app can help you achieve your goals.

Admin / User Dashboard

To Manage, Control, & keep track of Things

You can manage all incoming requests from a single interface, amend the status, add a rider, and see order details. An efficient and quick admin panel allows you to manage multiple orders simultaneously. The user dashboard includes many sections and filters to help users have a more efficient purchasing experience. It also will enable consumers to see prices, evaluate product quality, and share their feedback. In addition, the objects can be searched, compared, and shortlisted by the end user.


What Our Clients Say

Clickoot leads the way with an online ordering system that meets the needs of both restaurant operators and customers. They also provide excellent 24/7 support and help.

Best overall value. Excellent features and customer service. Simple to use and created by professionals who excel at paying attention to minor details that other players in the industry often overlook.

The best possible assistance. Clickoot is always fast to reply to and address any issues that arise. The system has dramatically increased my revenue and customer loyalty. Most importantly, it is well-liked by my consumers.

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